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Speakers Groups

Every Rotarian has been assigned a small group and a month to find a speaker to come to our meeting. Please work with your small group to find a high quality speaker and arrange for them to come to our meeting on the date listed below. Once arrangements are confirmed, let Jordan know so she can update the calendar.

November (11/15/22) - DONE

December (12/20/22) - DONE

January (01/17/22) - DONE

February (02/21/23): Barb Dahl, Dennis Martinson, Brianna Beckwith, Alissa Redding, Dane Ankeny

March (03/21/23): Mike Claunch, Scott Ringdahl, Jeanne Kramer, Kirk Stensrud

April (04/18/23): Roger Salonen, Grant Herfindahl, Mike Pfeiffer, Ron Cin, Ann Grandy

May (05/16/23): Neil Nelson, Greg Anderson, Nan Haggerty, Merle Wagner, Heidi Wilkins

June (06/20/23): Jerry Wangsness, Heather Kent, Melissa Schultz, Jeff Kuhn

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