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Reminder: Sheppard Clean-Up Days!

Service Above Self! We are arranging TWO clean-up days to help Dave and Joan Sheppard! They estimate they lost 200+ trees from the storm on Memorial Day, which drastically changes the landscape of their beautiful property. They have had a professional tree service out there for the past week to remove the trees on and immediately surrounding the structures--but there is still plenty to do! The FIRST CREW will be this Sunday, June 12th beginning at 2pm. The SECOND CREW will be on Monday, June 13th beginning at 3pm. Please choose a shift that works best for you--and arrive when you can! Bring your own water, snacks, gloves, work shoes, and any tree trimming equipment you may have (chainsaws, clippers, etc.). We may not use it all, but it will be nice to have a selection! We will need people to cut trees, clear bush and debris, rake, stack wood, etc. Their address is: 701 S Maple Lake Rd SE. You CAN drive down that road now (it isn't blocked) and you can park either in their driveway, or on the road outside their home. Let's have a GREAT turnout of Rotarians on Sunday and Monday! Dave has given so much time to this Club and to Rotary--let's show him our thanks by giving back!!

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